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      Covenant Life Church
    • GRAND HAVEN, Michigan
    • September 27
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associate-pastor, business-administration, campus-pastor, carpenter, ceo-executive, chaplain, childrens-pastor, christian-camping, christian-education, christian-higher-education, christian-school, christian-teacher, church-developer, church-planter, church-staff, college-pastor, combo-positions, communications, contractor, counseling, discipleship-pastor, electrician, evangelism-pastor, executive-pastor, facilities-management, family-pastor, fundraising, interim-pastor, media-technology, mens-pastor, missions-pastor, missions-domestic, missions-international, music-ministry, non-ministry-jobs, other, other-pastor, outreach, para-church-ministries, pastoral-care-pastor, plumber, programming-pastor, recreational-sports-ministry, secretarial-office, senior-adult-pastor, senior-pastor, single-adult-pastor, small-group-pastor, teaching-pastor, womens-pastor, worship-pastor, young-adult-pastor, youth-pastor 

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